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Apple Martini – Green and Tasty

Posted by Reese on 2009-09-05 @ 04:52pm

The week of Apple Martinis, although not the manliest thing I’ve ever done, actually wasn’t a terrible experience.  In fact, I’d be so bold as to say that this drink has gotten a bad rap.  Sure, given the recipe you choose it can be a little unnatural tasting there are options to help out.  Let’s start there.

Sour Apple Martini

Apple Martini (Joy of Mixology) – [2 oz Vodka or Gin – 1 oz Apple Schnapps] – This recipe made with vodka had a very light apple flavor and interestingly it wasn’t as artificial as I expected.  Although, I wouldn’t go with vodka again.  It simply didn’t bring anything to the party and was a little boring.  Now, you mix it with gin, albeit a light one, and you’ve got a serious cocktail on your hands.  In my case I wanted a lightly flavored citrus forward gin so the obvious choice was Bombay Sapphire.  It worked great in this drink and would definitely be my choice going forward.

Apple Martini (Difford’s Guide – Recipe 1) – [2 1/2 oz Vodka – 2 oz Apple Juice – 1/4 oz Rich Syrup] – This recipe is sweet and apply but lacks the tartness that the schnapps brings to the party.  If you could score fresh Granny Smith juice this would be a great option.

Apple Martini (Difford’s Guide – Recipe 2) – [2 oz Vodka – 3/4 oz Apple Pucker – 2 oz Apple Juice] – This version really tastes like fresh apples.   The pucker adds a nice bit of tartness which is really pleasant.  I really like this recipe.

Apple Martini (Equal Parts) – [1 1/2 oz Gin – 1 1/2 oz Apple Juice – 1 1/2 oz Apple Schnapps] – This is another good variation.  It pumps up the tartness even more but maintains the fresh flavor.  Another good recipe, especially with the gin.

For me it’s a toss up between the second Difford’s recipe and the equal parts recipe.  They’re both pleasantly fresh tasting with a nice tartness.  In the end it’s up to you and the amount of tartness you’d like in your drink.  For either recipe go for the gin option.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the additional flavor.  But make sure you use a light gin otherwise it could get funky.

Pucker in the Sun

Finally, I got to do a little experimenting over the week.  One of the things that has always intrigued me about Apple Pucker is that it turns completely clear over time.  I decided to see if I could speed up the process.  I put about 3 oz of Pucker (left) in a flask and set it in my south-facing for the week.  After only 5 days it was crystal clear (right).  Interestingly the flavor really didn’t change noticeably.  I have absolutely no clue what causes the change but it is kinda cool.  Oh, and in case it wasn’t completely clear that I’m a geek, this is the container I used to sun age the pucker.