Reese Lloyd

ReeseFavorite Cocktail: Chrysanthemum
Cocktail Pet Peeve: Sour Mix Instead of Juice
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Cocktail Gadget: Oxo Mini Angled Measuring Cup
Day Job: Lab Manager / IT Architect
Location: Superior, CO
Email: reese[at]cocktailhacker[dot]com
Twitter: ReeseLloyd

The Hacker Story

My background, both schooling and professionally, is in IT.  I graduated in 2004 from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a BS in Computer Science.  Following that I was hired by IBM and have worked my way through a few positions since then.  Currently I’m the Lab Manager for a contract we hold with the USDA Forest Service.  In this role I’m hands-on with computers and other technology all the time.  So, when I get home it’s nice to play around with something considerably older and less technical.  Enter cocktails.

While I was in college I was a slow starter in the drinking world, having waited until age 21.  Since then I’ve made up considerable ground, but I digress.  When I first started making cocktails the only one in my repertoire was the Gin and Tonic.  No doubt a good choice, but a bit limited.  After graduation I began to expand my options along with good friend, and Cocktail Hacker emeritus,  Aaron.  I started with the Daiquiri and I was hooked from there.

When I was first starting I learned as much as I could.  A lot of that came from online articles, blogs and videos.  One video I remember particularly vividly is a piece by Robert Hess on starting your own home bar (The Cocktail Spirit with Robert HessStocking Your Bar).  His recommendation was to pick one cocktail at a time, pick up just those ingredients and mix a variety of recipes until you find one that you like.  I took that to heart and decided that would be the basis for Cocktail Hacker.

Mix, sip and enjoy.