Sample Policy

We here at Cocktail Hacker love free samples.  But who doesn’t really?  They are truly one of the great perks of being a cocktail blogger.  But have no doubts, I buy a lot of liquor which I’m sure makes my local stores very happy.  However, I’ve not been clear in the past when reviewing products whether I bought them or they were sent as free samples.  This clearly needs to be corrected from here (2009-09-22) on.

Some points of clarification:

  1. Above all, I really do love getting samples and enjoy trying any products that come my way.
  2. Sending a sample does not guarantee a review. However, it does increase your odds.  If I have a product I can more readily review it.
  3. I generally won’t post negative reviews of sample products.  That doesn’t do anyone any good.  Although, if I buy it and don’t like it all bets are off.

So, what’s the net of all this?  Well for my readers, going forward you’ll now see a comment at the end of the first post that gives commentary that states if the product being reviewed was received as a sample.  If you don’t see the comment I bought it with my hard earned cash. :)  For sample givers, first thank you for all the samples I’ve received thus far and second I’d love to continue receiving products to sample and review.  Send me an email and I’ll get you my mailing address.