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Cola Highballs

Posted by Reese on 2009-06-07 @ 08:36pm

Highballs aren’t exactly new here at Cocktail Hacker.  I’ve covered the Gin & Tonic and the Dark and Stormy in the past.  Around Superbowl time I even put up some tips on creating your own DIY highball bar for your party.  But, one category I haven’t touched on as yet is the class of cola based highballs.  You all know them and I’d be willing to bet you’ve all tried them.

I don’t think there’s a ton I can offer this subject as regards the recipes themselves.  So rather I’ll be focusing on the spirits this go round.  What’s the best type of rum to make a Rum & Coke?  I’m not sure quite yet but I aim to find out.  Is a Jack & Coke really best with Jack Daniels or is it simply excellent marketing.  Again, I’m there to find out.  The two drinks I’m going to be focusing on this week are the Rum & Coke and the Whiskey & Coke.

If you’ve got suggestions for the spirits I should try out, please chime in.   I’m truly interested in hearing what folks like in these classic drinks.  The recipe I’ll be using as my basis of comparison is:

Cola Highball
2 oz Spirit
6 oz Cola
1) Combine ingredients over ice in a highball glass

I realize this ratio may be a bit cola heavy for some, but I’m looking more at the summer BBQ type of drink. One that will take you a bit to consume but still offers sufficient kick.