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  • XKCD: Maybe this is the Vodka Talking

  • Relaunch of Tanqueray Malacca

    Bam, you’re drinking damn fine gin now you realize as that first sip of Malacca finishes on your palate.  But, you certainly wouldn’t think that fine gin is one of Tanquerary’s.  Regular Tanqueray is known for it’s solid London Dry flavor of juniper and other bontanicals subtly in the background (love the stuff in a…

  • 5 Minute $5 Cocktail Shaker Instructable

    Hello there, Cocktail Peeps.  I just published a new Instructable detailing the quick process to make your own 5 Minute $5 Cocktail Shaker from a Mason jar and some spare lids.  The process is super simple the end result works fantastically well.

  • Jack Daniels’ Barrel Making Process

    This is a very cool video showing the Jack Daniels barrel making process at a high level.  Enjoy! Birth of a Barrel from Paper Fortress on Vimeo. [From Gizmodo]

  • What I’m Drinking Now: Limoncello Lemonade

    One of my original cocktail experiments, before I even knew they were cocktail experiments, was making homemade limoncello in college.  I had tasted it a couple times and, due to my deep love of lemon anything, was immediately hooked.  I remember that first batch, made with lemons peeled with a vegetable peeler, steeped for weeks…