5 Minute $5 Cocktail Shaker Instructable

Hello there, Cocktail Peeps.  I just published a new Instructable detailing the quick process to make your own 5 Minute $5 Cocktail Shaker from a Mason jar and some spare lids.  The process is super simple the end result works fantastically well.

5 Minute $5 Cocktail Shaker



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2 responses to “5 Minute $5 Cocktail Shaker Instructable”

  1. Nick Avatar

    Good idea. Makes way more sense than paying $30 for one of those silly Mason Jar shakers that was on Kickstarter.

  2. […] Last week Lifehacker asked readers to hack something using mason jars. The winner, the aptly named Cocktail Hacker, Reese Lloyd, was a brilliantly simple cocktail shaker. […]