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  • Tales of the Cocktail

    As I mentioned in yesterday’s post I spent a good portion of my week getting ready for Tales of the Cocktail, but I left it at that.  I can only assume that those of you reading CH who aren’t crazy cocktail geeks might be wondering what exactly Tales is.  To put it succinctly it’s a […]

  • Carnaval!

    Today is the day folks.  Whether you think of it as Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Shove Tuesday, Pancake Day or, as the Brazilians know it, Carnaval, today is a day to celebrate.  For you Catholics out there today marks the last day before the beginning of Lent.  Lent refers to both the 40 day period […]

  • Another Round of Corpse Revivers

    Sometimes in the course of cocktail hacking, as with many pursuits, I encounter a touch of laziness.  This week I encountered just such an event.  During  the week I only sampled two Corpse Reviver #2’s, which, I’m certain you’ll agree, is simply not enough. To make up for my laziness I’m going to spend another […]

  • The Morning After…

    Let’s talk about a possibly unpleasant topic.  We’ll start with a purely hypothetical situation.  Suppose you went out on New Year’s Eve, enjoyed a few too many delicious beverages, and now, the next morning, you’re encountering some unpleasant after effects.  You’re likely a bit nauseous, exceedingly thirsty, seriously pissed off about the bright lights and […]

  • The Gimlet

    Well, Halloween week is over for this year and I had a damn fine time.  Hope you were able to get some good ideas from my posts, but now we must move on.  This week, as you doubtless know, is election week and following that theme I’m highlighting the Gimlet.  What does the Gimlet have […]