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Super Bowl XLIII Drink #5: Non-Alcoholic Options

Posted by Reese on 2009-01-30 @ 04:49pm

Not surprisingly most of my work for the Super Bowl has been alcoholic.  When hosting a large party though you always need to consider the needs of those who don’t drink.  There are quite a few options.  I’ve offed a few here for your perusal.


The Classics: There are a ton of classics that fill this role.  Most usually soda of some kind.  I offer this as an alternative.  Either buy some specialty sodas (eg Jones, Izze, etc) to offer a bit of spice.  Or, even more creative.  Get some flavored syrups, you can usually get these from a local coffee shop, and create a make your own Italian soda bar.  Flavored syrup, soda water and optionally half and half.  I assure you party goers won’t be expecting that.

Sparkling Cider: Although this is kind of a classic I think it deserves a category of its own.  There are quite a lot of things you can do with sparkling cider.  For example try adding a touch more flavor with a couple dashes of bitters.  This is obviously not suggested for those who drink *no* alcohol as bitters contain some.

Mocktails: There is an entire class of cocktails that have no alcohol at all.  I think the reigning queen of these is definitely Natalie Bovis-Nelsen AKA “The Liquie Muse” who has recently released a book of mocktails called Preggatinis.  If you’d like to sample a couple of the recipes Natalie has a blog for the book.  I think these are a great option for kids especially as it lets them have an adult drink in a cocktail glass, if you dare.

So there you go.  You should be all set for your up-coming Super Bowl party.

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