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Egg Nog

Posted by Reese on 2008-11-23 @ 10:09pm

I’m going to take a bit of a break from the rigors of cocktail hacking this week.  But I won’t be stopping my work entirely.  This week I’m going to make homemade Egg Nog.  I’ve not made it before so it should be quite an adventure.  There are zillions of recipes on the net for nog.  I read through the thread on eGullet and there are certainly some great starting points there.  But, being a huge fan of Good Eats and Alton Brown in general I’m going to use his recipe this time around.  If you’re interested in watching the show it’s season 9 episode 13.  I’m a giant nerd and have all the episodes of Good Eats on my AppleTV, but if you’re not quite that hardcore, then you can watch the episode here.

I’ll drop an update next weekend on how the nog turned out, until then I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving and enjoy some wonderful cocktails.