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High Speed Exploding Cocktails

Posted by Reese on 2011-12-06 @ 08:26pm

You know what’s better than watching cocktails explode in super slow motion? NOTHING!  Okay, maybe one thing.  Drinking the cocktail, then exploding them.  Check out the video below for all the slow-mo awesomeness.

Phantom Cocktails from Ty Migota on Vimeo.

Spent a day with the Phantom, creating opening credits for Nik Perleros’ “How To Get Laid”. Only parts of the shots were used, so I decided to do a little edit to show off more of what we shot.

Most of the shots were around 5000fps, some of the martini shots were at 8900fps.

Music by The Beastie Boys, “Here’s a Little Something for Ya”

To Watch “How To Get Laid” please visit:

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