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Serious Eats – How to Conduct a Spirits Tasting

Posted by Reese on 2011-05-12 @ 02:39pm

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Fellow blogger Michael Dietsch of A Dash of Bitters has a great post over at Serious Eats, Cocktail 101: How to Conduct a Spirits Tasting.  This post is part of Michael’s ongoing  Cocktail 101 series that introduces readers to some the fundamentals of cocktail making.  They’re all worth a read, but this one is particularly timely for me.

Spirits tasting is something I do often, both alone and with friends, to sample the spirits I get for review.  But, it’s also something I’d like to get a lot better at.  After having attended a few guided tastings from the pros I realize that some of my practices need more rigor and I need to expand my palate.  So, to get my head around tasting and fill you all in I’m going to be working up my own post in the coming weeks that talks about the process I follow and how to guide friends through a tasting.  If you haven’t hosted a tasting of your own you definitely should.  They’re a ton of fun and can be really eye opening.  Especially if you do the tasting blind.  You’ll be amazed of the effects preconceptions can have.