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Tequila Sunrise – Mildly Uninspiring

Posted by Reese on 2010-10-09 @ 08:55pm

As a cocktail writer, some of these wrap up posts are much easier than other.  Sometimes I’m very excited to pass on what I’ve learned over the course of my experiments and other times I need a swift kick in the ass to get it all down.  Sadly the Tequila Sunrise falls under the latter category.  I love good orange juice.  I love good tequila.  I don’t love this cocktail.  It’s kinda boring in the same way that Screwdrivers are boring.  Sure, they’re not bad.  In fact, they’re pretty good.  Problem is, I’ve had the best and now, okay isn’t good enough.

Tequila Sunrise

I’m not just going to whine about this cocktail for the whole post.  As I said, it’s really not all that bad.  If you’re interested in a refreshing tequila drink and you’re bored with the Paloma, here are some tips for making a decent Tequila Sunrise.  First, unless your orange juice has a good bit of sourness you’re going to a want a squeeze of lime with this one.  Second, much like a Gin and Tonic this drink is all about the ratio.  Specifically, it’s all about the ratio you like.  Want it more intense, use less orange juice, more mellow, use more.  I think you get the idea.  Third, add your grenadine last, even after you have all the ice in the glass.  Then give it a very gentle stir.  This will help the grenadine mix just a touch and give your drink a gorgeous color gradient.  Fourth, use a tequila that you like.  For me I go with a nice plata tequila, like the Olmeca Altos I reviewed earlier in the week.  However, if you like a mellower agave flavor then a reposado is what you want.  Lastly, please, please, please use good grenadine.  Don’t buy colored sugar water.  If you really want something good, make up a batch of Hibiscus Grenadine and be very happy.

So, there you go.  It’s tasty, but not a recipe that I’m going to find myself craving.  Onward, friends, onward.