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John’s Premium Tonic Syrup

Posted by Reese on 2010-09-16 @ 04:40pm

I love a good Gin and Tonic.  Heck, I even love a not so good one.  Everything from a dirt cheap bargain G&T to a top shelf libation.  But, out of all the options, my favorite G&T to really savor is made with homemade syrup.  The problem is, making homemade syrup is time consuming and rather a pain in the ass overall.  Enter John’s Premium Tonic Syrup.  John’s syrup is made from all the same high quality stuff that I used to make my homemade tonic syrup with some extra benefits.  First, and foremost, it’s already made, so you don’t have to spend the better part of a day making it.  Second, the filtration that John employs is very good.  So, unlike my tonic syrup, you don’t end up with cinchona dust in the final product.  This is good in that it improves the look of the cocktail and the cinchona doesn’t continue to increase the bitterness of the syrup.

Enough rambling, let’s get down to brass tacks, how does it taste?  Very good, my friends, very good.  It’s nearly as good as my own.  The reason I can’t say it’s better is because every time I sip a G&T with my homemade syrup I know how much time and effort went in to it.  You know, blood, sweat, tears, etc.  All whining aside, John’s tonic truly deserves the premium name.  The flavor is crisp and bright and the bitterness of the quinine is pronounced.  All together very tasty.

So, as summer days come to an end I have some words of wisdom for you.  First, drink Gin and Tonics often and in quantity.  Second, if you really want to enjoy a handcrafted masterpiece have a Gin and Tonic with hand crafted tonic syrup.  You get to mix the cocktail exactly how you want and the result is all the better.  Finally, if you’re not interested in making your own syrup from scratch give John’s a try.  You won’t be disappointed.

† The product reviewed here was provided to me as a free sample. If you’re wondering what that means check out my sample policy.