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The Pegu Blog – The Plasma Mary

Posted by Reese on 2010-05-13 @ 04:46pm

Take a quick poll of all the Bloody Mary lovers you know.  First, ask if they have a personal recipe and second, ask if theirs is the best.  I’m betting you’ll find that about 88% of them will have a recipe of their own and of those all of them will claim theirs to be the best.  I’m no statistician so don’t ask me to explain the numbers*, I just report what I see.  Reading my RSS feed earlier in the week I saw that Doug Winship of The Pegu Blog came to this very same realization.

Though Doug, much like me, has never really been a Bloody Mary fan, he felt it his duty as a cocktail enthusiast to fill that hole in his skill set.   So he set off to make a Bloody Mary that he truly enjoys.  The result of his quest is the quite appropriately named Plasma Mary.  Why plasma you ask?  Well that was the interesting bit that pulled me in to his tale.  You see, Doug opts not to use tomato juice but instead freshly extracted tomato water.  It’s that “plasma” that really sounds like an interesting twist.  I’m excited to give this recipe a mix as it sounds really refreshing and light.  Hopefully my crappy blender is up to the task.  Some of us don’t have Blendtec units…yet.