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Harvey Wallbanger

Posted by Reese on 2010-04-12 @ 05:45pm

In looking through my fridge for inspiration I found orange juice.  Hmmm…  Then I remembered the bottle of Galliano that’s been sitting on my shelf for a sizable number of years.  The fog cleared at that point and what was left was a vision of a classic that seems straight from the 80’s at first glance.  The Harvey Wallbanger combines orange juice, vodka and a touch of Galliano.  Sounds like one of those brightly colored 80’s drinks with little character, no?  Guess I’m (we’re) going to find out!

Harvey Wallbanger (Joy of Mixology)
2 oz Vodka
3 oz Orange Juice
1/4 - 1/2 oz Galliano
1) Combine vodka and orange juice over ice
2) Float the Galliano

I purposefully didn’t include any history on this drink.  Why, you might wonder.  Well, Regan has an interesting story about a man named Harvey banging his head against a wall after a party.  Wikipedia has a completely different story.  The truth?  Not really sure and don’t much care.  Let’s get to the sampling.