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Champagne Cocktails

Posted by Reese on 2009-12-27 @ 08:39pm

Fellow cocktail enthusiasts, I’m back from a relaxing week and ready to talk cocktails.  With New Year’s Eve and Day coming up quick I thought it would be good to look at some Champagne cocktails this week.  Before we get rolling too quickly, I’d like to clear something up.  I’m going to use the term Champagne for these posts.  That said, I’ll likely be mixing with slightly cheaper domestic sparkling wines.  I know it’s “technically” incorrect to use the name Champagne for these wines, but it’s just a lot simpler.  So, in this case, my laziness wins.

Here’s a quick overview of the week.  I’ve got a book review for you on a title dealing exclusively with Champagne based recipes. I’m going to cover a couple cocktails, obviously. :)  Finally, I’m going to point you to some good advice on Champagnes for your parties.


To kick the week off and get you, and me, in the right frame of mind, I want to point you to a cocktail that I covered about a year ago.  The French 75 is definitely my favorite Champagne cocktail that I’ve mixed thus far.  It combines gin, which you know I love, Champagne, which I’m also a huge fan of, and some citrus for freshness.  It’s truly a fantastic drink and you definitely need to mix one up.  In fact, I’m sipping one right now for some motivation.  I think this drink would be a great addition to a New Year’s party.  They’re quick to mix, can be customized easily by switching up the syrup and are a great way to switch up the traditional Champagne.  A word of warning that is echoed in my previous post.  These drinks pack a punch.  Serve and enjoy in moderation.