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Tiki in December – Take That Crappy Weather!

Posted by Reese on 2009-12-12 @ 03:38pm

The week here in Colorado was cold with our first day above 30F being Friday (It hovered around 10F the rest of the week).  As I mentioned in the intro post it seemed a perfectly fitting time to celebrate the awesomeness of Tiki drinks and so it was.  I mixed up four cocktails this week and while they all had their differences the one thing they most certainly shared was deliciousness.  All of them truly were great and I’d mix them up again in a heart beat.

I hope this week has provided a bit of motivation for you to explore some Tiki drinks of your own.  If you’d like some more online reference materials here are a handful of sites either loosely or directly related to the awesomeness of good Tiki drinks.  Enjoy!

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