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The Evolution of the Cocktail – Phylogeny Revisited

Posted by Reese on 2009-10-13 @ 05:41pm

As you may recall, a while back I pointed you to a very cool post about the phylogeny of cocktails on Jim Harriman’s site Well, Jim is back with a phylogenetic tree of 100 cocktails.  This time in awesome full color poster format!


Jim was nice enough to mail me one of the posters which is currently unrolling awaiting a nice framing and hanging in my home office.  Each cocktail’s proximity to its neighbors shows the closeness of their “genes” or base ingredients.  The cocktails are further grouped and colored based on their family (eg vodka, gin, tequila, etc).

For those of us cocktail geeks the poster’s breakdown doesn’t reveal any earth shattering knowledge, but it is none the less interesting to peruse.  For example, once you look at the ingredients it makes perfect sense that a Screaming Orgasm and a Mudslide should be placed right next to each other.  After all they do share the same genes.  Namely vodka, kahlua and Bailey’s Irish cream.

At 24″ x 36″ the posters are standard size and nicely finished.  If you’re interested in picking up one or ten for yourself (and your nerdy drinking buddies) head over to Jim’s site.  The posters are $10 each plus $5 shipping for the first and free for any number after that.

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