Review – Roundhouse Corretto

You listened patiently while I waxed poetic about Roundhouse Gin, which I still claim is one of the most interesting and tasty gins I’ve ever tried.  Well shortly after posting that review I got an email from Roundhouse‘s founder and distiller Alex Nelson letting me know that they’d recently released Corretto a new coffee liqueur.  Knowing this I zipped out and picked up a bottle.

Roundhouse Corretto Coffee Liqueur

Corretto is aptly named after a popular coffee preparation in Italy, the Caffe Corretto.  In a Caffe Corretto your shot of espresso is corrected with the addition of a shot of liquor.  I think I could really change my stance on coffee if I can expect each cup to have a nice shot of alcohol included in each.

Given this week’s cocktail it seemed like a great time for a review.  The White Russian always calls for another prominent coffee liqueur, which for this review will remain nameless. It seemed only logical that I should compare the two.  Corretto has a light maple syrup color while the other is darker, closer to molasses.  The nose on the Corretto is certainly lighter than the leading brand, but has a cleaner coffee aroma.

Let’s face it the flavor is what really counts.  Corretto is less sweet but the coffee flavor is intense and very fresh.  While I do like the leading brand quite a lot for me Corretto is the winner.  Alex summed it up best in his email when he described Corretto as “a coffee liqueur that’s been blowing the pants off of <nameless giant> in our blind taste tests.”  If Corretto is for sale in your area pick up a bottle.  If not, let me know and we can work something out.  Either way happiness will ensue.







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