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Lemon Drop – Vodka Faceoff

Posted by Reese on 2009-03-05 @ 10:01pm

This week we’re presented with another cocktail that calls for citrus flavored vodka, but is it really worth it?  I decided to do another side by side comparison, like I did with the Cosmopolitan, and see if I can discern the difference.  For my tests I used Ketel One Citroen and Tito’s Handmade.

Vodka Face Off

The first thing I noticed, and it was very obvious, was the increased lemon smell of the cocktail with the Ketel One.  Once you start sipping that additional lemon is even more apparent.  I also found the lemon flavor to be deeper and more complex.  My guess is that this additional depth of flavor likely comes from oils in the fruit’s peel that you simply don’t get with regular vodka.

Now, all of that said, I need to point out that the cocktail with Tito’s was still damn tasty.  I would have happily drink them never knowing that they lack the complexity of a drink made with citrus vodka.  however, now that I’ve tried them side by side I know I’d be able to detect the lacking flavor.  If you only have regular vodka on hand, go ahead and mix one up.  You’ll be pleased.  However, if this becomes a regular cocktail for you, you owe it to yourself to pick up a bottle of citrus vodka.

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