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Review – Juniper Green Gin

Posted by Reese on 2008-12-30 @ 03:01pm

Juniper Green Gin

The penultimate gin in our tasting was Juniper Green, the world’s first Organic London Dry Gin.  Although CapRock is the US’ first organic gin Junpier Green gets the nod for the first worldwide.  Juniper Green is produced in London’s Thames Distillery and is the last gin fully produced and bottled in the city.  The distiller’s website lists the botanicals in use as juniper berries, coriander, angelica root and savory, all organic of course.  These ingredients come through in both the smell and flavor.  The primary element you pick out in both is the juniper, its smell and flavor are very forward and powerful.  There is little burn with this gin and it hits late in the taste leaving a pleasant warming sensation.  Since this gin’s primary note is that of juniper I would recommend it in an application that will play off the flavor.  Tonic I think would compliment this gin nicely as the juniper flavor will be strong enough to cut through the sweet and sour flavors of the tonic.

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