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Review – CapRock Gin

Posted by Reese on 2008-12-23 @ 02:40pm

CapRock Gin

Next for our tasting panel to enjoy is CapRock Gin, one of Colorado’s first craft distilled spirits and the first certified organic gin produced in the US.  This gin is produced by Peak Spirits in Hotchkiss, CO.  CapRock is made from a blend of “high-desert fruits, blossoms & spices infused in an organic apple distillate.”  Knowing this after the tasting certainly gives a better understand of the scent and flavor profile that this gin presents.

CapRock’s nose presents a very fruity aroma which we were best able to classify as smelling most like watermelon Jolly Ranchers.  The flavor expands on this.  The fruity flavors are still present which I would think are added to by the use of apple distillate as the base.  In addition a unique but light juniper flavor comes through that can nearly be mistaken for rosemary.  Overall the flavor is very complex but not unpleasant.  Since this gin is so complex I think it would be best suited for use in a super (completely) dry gin martini or straight up/on the rocks.  CapRock is distilled in small batches so its likely your bottle will vary slightly from mine.