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Review – Plymouth Gin

Posted by Reese on 2008-12-19 @ 03:04pm

Plymouth Gin

Plymouth was the next up for our Gin tasting earlier this year.  The nose is crisp with little alcohol burn.  The scents you first pick up are light juniper followed by a nicely intense citrus aroma.  Interestingly enough the flavor reverses that order.  First you get the citrus then the flavor broadens to include the juniper and other botanicals.  Finally, Plymouth’s finish is a very pleasant juniper flavor.  Since the time of the tasting Plymouth has become one of my favorite gins.  I really like the way the flavors are  bold and pleasant but not over powering in anyway.  This gin plays well with both drinks needing a citrus gin and those where a juniper forward gin is prefered. To sum it up Plymouth is my go-to gin when starting cocktail experiments.  The Plymouth distillery also offers a Navy Strength version of their gin that I’m excited to try but haven’t found a bottle as yet.

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