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Cocktail Tools – Oxo Zester

Posted by Reese on 2008-07-16 @ 05:52pm

Oxo ZesterAs you may have gathered from my previous posts I’m a fan of Oxo kitchen tools.  So, when I needed a citrus zester/channel knife I naturally turned to Oxo.  I picked up the zester you see at the left and I’d very much like to give it a glowing review.  But…I can’t.

When I first brought the tool home the channel knife portion, which is what I was most interested in, was painfully dull.  It was so dull that the lemon twists it made were ragged and it was very hard to manage.  So, being a hacker, I busted out my dremmel tool and modded it.  I sharpened the channel knife and now it works like a champion.  However, the primary problem is that most people aren’t as geeky as I am and wouldn’t like a tool they have have to modify to make work correctly.  So, that being the case, I sent an email to Oxo informing them of my problems.  Their customer service was very responsive and they sent me a replacement right away.  Well, to be exact, they sent me two replacements for some reason.

Both of the replacement tools have been much sharper and therefore more usable.  So, in summary, if you’re looking for a channel knife/zester take a look at the all the options out there.  Make sure you get a tool with a nice sharp cutting blade, it will make nicer looking cuts and will be much easier to use.  I’m not going to give a referrer link this time due to my problems with the Oxo tool.  There are tons of options on Amazon though, so take a peek and find something you like.