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Review: Hiram Walker Original Cinn

Posted by Reese on 2010-09-29 @ 08:51am

When you hear the words “cinnamon schnapps” I’m guessing your brain goes the same place mine does.  Namely, a viscous, fire engine red, sweet liqueur that packs a serious cinnamon punch and burns more than a bit.  I would also venture to guess that you’d never combine the words complex and cinnamon schnapps.  No, the cinnamon schnapps I’m used to is fiery and single noted.  Well, the cinnamon schnapps I was used to, I should say.  You see, on Tuesday I received a bottle of Hiram Walker’s Original Cinn and that whole mental image changed very much for the better.

Hiram Walker Original Cinn

As I poured my first glass I noticed that the telltale fire engine red color has been replaced with a warm brown.  Next as I took a few tentative sniffs I found the aroma of cinnamon in the nose is subtle and it’s accompanied by warm butterscotch and vanilla notes as well.  Interesting, very interesting.

My first comment on sipping Original Cinn was simply “Wow!”.  This is a far more complex cinnamon schnapps than I’ve ever experienced before.  The cinnamon is definitely present, but not overbearing at all, and the butterscotch and vanilla that we found in the aroma come through in the taste as well.  In addition, there is much less burn than what you’d expect from it’s 90 proof.  Also greatly pleasant was the lack of a chemically aftertaste that I’ve come to expect from some schnapps.  Original Cinn truly is a departure from my previous mental image of schnapps and I’m very happy for that.

I think the best testament I can give you for Original Cinn is simply my first sips.  You see, I poured myself a couple ounces to taste.  Immediately on seeing that I’d poured that much I thought, “Crap, I poured too much.  Well, I’ll sample it and pour the rest out.”  But I didn’t.  I sampled it.  I took my tasting notes.  Then I went and sat on my couch and slowly sipped the rest, enjoying it greatly.  I didn’t add anything, no ice, no other spirits, just the liqueur and it was wonderful.

I can definitely see myself repeating that experience as-is many times in the future.  Perhaps sitting in front of the fire, watching it snow and reading a good book.  Or, despite my dislike of hot drinks, I could even see this going in to a mug of dark chocolate hot cocoa for a nice Mexican chocolate flavor.  So, if you have a cinnamon lover in your life or just want something a little different for an after dinner aperitif, keep an eye out for Original Cinn.

† The product reviewed here was provided to me as a free sample. If you’re wondering what that means check out my sample policy.

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