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Energy from Scotch!

Posted by Reese On May - 25 - 2010

As you likely well know, I’m a big fan of Scotch.  I’m also a big fan of alternative energy sources.  This month the Bruichladdich Distillery is combining those two loves of mine in what can best be described as a Voltronesque feat of awesomeness.  In short they’ve purchased an anaerobic digester which will process it’s pot ale into biogas.  This biogas will then be used to provide almost 80% of the distillery’s yearly energy needs.  Pretty cool.  Check out the article on for the full details.

Scotch distillery turns whisky into watts []

Rum Dood on the Daiquiri

Posted by Reese On May - 20 - 2010

I’ve waxed poetic about the deliciousness of the Daiquiri a few times here in the past.  But, what you really have to understand is that it truly is fantastically delicious.  And, to make it even more amazing the drink is like a chameleon.  No matter what your exact choice of rum or sugar it just works.  Heck it even works great if all you have on hand is lemon juice.  This post isn’t about me though, it’s about the Dood.  No, not that “The Dude“, the Rum Dood.  He’s kinda like a rum yoda, without the grammar issues.  This week he’s discussing in depth the history of the Daiquiri and touching on it’s many variations.  Definitely take a look at his first post in the series and keep an eye out for follow-ons.

The Pegu Blog – The Plasma Mary

Posted by Reese On May - 13 - 2010

Take a quick poll of all the Bloody Mary lovers you know.  First, ask if they have a personal recipe and second, ask if theirs is the best.  I’m betting you’ll find that about 88% of them will have a recipe of their own and of those all of them will claim theirs to be the best.  I’m no statistician so don’t ask me to explain the numbers*, I just report what I see.  Reading my RSS feed earlier in the week I saw that Doug Winship of The Pegu Blog came to this very same realization.

Though Doug, much like me, has never really been a Bloody Mary fan, he felt it his duty as a cocktail enthusiast to fill that hole in his skill set.   So he set off to make a Bloody Mary that he truly enjoys.  The result of his quest is the quite appropriately named Plasma Mary.  Why plasma you ask?  Well that was the interesting bit that pulled me in to his tale.  You see, Doug opts not to use tomato juice but instead freshly extracted tomato water.  It’s that “plasma” that really sounds like an interesting twist.  I’m excited to give this recipe a mix as it sounds really refreshing and light.  Hopefully my crappy blender is up to the task.  Some of us don’t have Blendtec units…yet.

Caution – Spotty Posting Ahead

Posted by Reese On May - 11 - 2010

Well, good readers, since it’s now Tuesday, I’m guessing a wrap up of brunch cocktails would be a bit pointless.  In truth, there really wasn’t much to wrap up anyway since I didn’t get too deep on any of the cocktails.  I certainly hope that last week’s recipes got you going in the right direction at least.  Brunch drinks, when done right, can be a great addition to the meal.

For the coming weeks up to and including a couple months my posting is going to be very spotty.  I’m in the process of moving to a new home and today my whole liquor collection will be packed for the duration.  But, don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you completely hanging.  My plan is to direct you to good posts from my fellow cocktail bloggers.  That long list you see at the right side is a direct pull from my RSS reader.  So, anything they post I see.

With that plan it should keep you all in good drinks for the time I’m away and give me some great inspiration for when I fire things back up later this summer.  Until then enjoy your cocktails!

Bellini – Or Close Enough

Posted by Reese On May - 7 - 2010

The Bellini is an Italian classic that is truly brunch worthy.  This drink is fresh, fruity and light.  Perfect for a brunch cocktail.  While traditionally, and I’d guess best, made with pureed fresh peaches, I’m going for simple this week and only touching the surface of what’s possible.  So, given that, I used Kern’s fruit nectars to good success.  Wanting to change things up a bit, I tried mango and guava nectars in place of peach.  Both were quite tasty and the resulting colors were striking.  If you’re truly making this one for your mom I would definitely go the extra mile and make it with fresh fruit.  However, for you standard brunch canned nectar works quite well.


Bellini (Cocktail Hacker Quick and Dirty Version)
2 oz Fruit Nectar
3 1/2 oz Champagne
1) Combine in a champagne flute

I really don’t have much to add to this recipe, mainly because I didn’t spend a lot of time experimenting.  Though, I can assure you I’ll be coming back to this one again soon.  Look for it when Colorado peaches start coming in to season in the late summer.