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Paloma con Jarritos Toronja

Posted by Reese on 2009-05-18 @ 08:36pm

During my week of Paloma exploration I wasn’t able to find any Jarritos Toronja, which, to put it simply, is the Mexican version of Squirt.  It’s been bugging me since then so I redoubled my search efforts and found that a local Mexican bakery carries it.  I picked up a few bottles and knew experimentation would ensue.  Most reviews you see build up, give you all the supporting material, then summarize.  Well we live in a time of instant gratification so for you info junkies I’m going backwards on this one.

Paloma con Jarritos Toronja

The verdict?  I’ll be sticking with Squirt.

I found the Jarritos Toronja to be very good.  I think it has a more authentically grapefruit flavor than Squirt does, but it also had some down sides.  Jarritos is sweeter than Squirt, as is evidenced by its increased calories 110 per 8 oz vs 92 for Squirt.  Jarritos is also not as sour, which I really look for in a Paloma.   Certainly you can fix it with some additional lime juice but you end up with a drink that’s more lime than grapefruit.  So, in the end both are really great options, but I prefer the Squirt.

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