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  • What I’m Drinking Now: Blueberry Tequila Fizz

    The family wanted an interesting cocktail for Easter so I used my cocktail super powers* and sprang into action.  I wanted tequila as the base, but wanted the cocktail be fresh, fruity and light.  I opted for blueberry juice and found meyer lemons at the market which added a nice touch of sourness and added […]

  • Stout Float

    From the “What a Guy Wants” chapter of Cosmo’s Official Cocktail Book comes a delicious variation on the classic float, the Stout Float. This drink is dead simple to make and very tasty.   Scoop ice cream, add stout, drink, repeat.  Since I was going to be sampling this drink in Grand Lake, CO it only […]

  • Mojito Variations

    With ubiquity comes variation.  For, as it’s said, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  It really makes sense with the Mojito though.  Each of the base ingredients lends its self well to substituion.  Rather than link to a bunch of variations (you all know how to use Google I assume) I’m going to give […]