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The Gimlet

Posted by Reese on 2008-11-02 @ 08:24pm

Well, Halloween week is over for this year and I had a damn fine time.  Hope you were able to get some good ideas from my posts, but now we must move on.  This week, as you doubtless know, is election week and following that theme I’m highlighting the Gimlet.  What does the Gimlet have to do with election week you ask?  Nothing actually, just seemed like a good segue.  I first heard about this cocktail from my friend and loyal CH reader Matt Beasley.  We were at a party at a mutual friend’s and we only had gin and limes on hand, a sad situation I know.  Matt wisely suggested that we make some Faux-Gimlets.  So we mixed up some lime juice, sugar and Gin.  It was a pretty delicious.  Strangely though, I never made the real version using Rose’s Lime, until now.  The recipe I’m starting with is directly off the Rose’s Lime bottle.

Gimlet - A la Rose's Lime
1 1/2 oz Gin
1 oz Rose's Lime
1) Stir with ice

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