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Review – Bafferts Gin

Posted by Reese on 2008-10-21 @ 04:01pm

Bafferts was the first unique Gin I added to my collection.  I received it as a gift for my 22nd birthday from some close friends.  I have consumed nearly none of it in the time since then (almost 7 years).  From our review I now see that that is due partly to its lack luster flavor profile.  To start it seems quite promising with a pleasant, almost Scotch-esque nose.  However, once you start consuming you get unpleasant metallic notes at the outset.  No strong flavors shine through, which led one of our tasters to comment that its like you “cut Gin with neutral spirits”.  Overall little juniper flavor comes through.  Our overall take on this gin is that its not so much a bad Gin as simply not a good Gin.  It might be a good choice for someone looking to start a Gin drinking career, but I think there are better starting point.  Bombay Sapphire for example.

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