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Rob Roy

Posted by Reese on 2011-04-03 @ 09:31pm

It should come as no surprise to long time readers of this blog that I love Manhattans.  They’re one of my go to cocktails when I’m looking for something straight forward but delicious.  They’re one of the classics that I’ll actually order at a restaurant (and I’m usually not disappointed).  And, finally, they’re just damn tasty!  In addition, I love me some Scotch.  I may not be Ron Burgundy, but I definitely enjoy a good dram.  So, it’s really amazing to me that I haven’t mixed up the Rob Roy yet.  Shall we correct this error?

Rob Roy (Joy of Mixology)
2 oz Scotch
1 oz Sweet Vermouth
Dash of Peychaud's Bitters
Maraschino Cherry
1) Combine ingredients over ice
2) Stir to combine and chill thoroughly
3) Strain in to a chilled cocktail glass
4) Garnish with a maraschino cherry

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